White Belt -- Yellow Belt -- Blue Belt ©

                 Blue Belt© Concept


  • Provides a basic understanding of the LDMAIC methodology to the shop floor and line workers.


  • Addresses the critical gaps between the Yellow and Green Belt levels.


  • Uses applied learning and reinforcing Edward Deming’s most important subject: “Knowledge of SPC”.


  • Combines Deming’s PDCA with SPC.


  • Leads to an improved sustainable problem solving approach at the shop floor.

Needs and Expectations

1. To provide Shop Floor and Support Personnel with an introduction and overview of Lean Six Sigma methodologies.


    Level of skill application should not exceed Basic Statistics.


2. Shop Floor and Support Personnel will apply the methodologies to projects relative to their area of responsibility with defined objectives.


  • To provide guidance to Shop Floor and Support Personnel to take more ownership over their processes for maintaining process control.
  • Shop Floor and Support Personnel will get exposure to Team Dynamics and will have the opportunity for Team Development.


  • Most applicable for companies that have little or no Lean/Six Sigma activity.


  • Companies that are in the early stages of Lean/Six Sigma initiatives.


  • Can be an easily integrated as a supplement for companies that have fully established programs.


Structure Purpose


  • Alternative to Mass Training
  • Demonstrated Understanding
  • Team Oriented Projects

Targeted Audience

  • Initial steps will be the Shop Floor and Support Personnel.


  • Providing Lean Six Sigma training, applied learning and certification.


  • Training the Shop Floor and Support Personnel in the Quality and Lean Six Sigma tool sets will make them a more productive and capable resource to lead project work or assist others in their project work.


  • Projects or activities may be Lean, Six Sigma or Quality oriented and focused on process or product improvements with quantifiable results (i.e. savings).


  • Plan is structured to provide the maximum opportunity to allow the candidates to demonstrate their ability to use and adequately apply the tools to their particular projects. 


  • Following the outlined plan, the Shop Floor personnel will become adequately skilled to manage their own processes within the guidelines and fences established by Leadership or Company Policies.


  • Skill sets and disciplines of the individuals are not limited.


  • Every discipline in any company or business, whether manufacturing or service oriented (for example HR, Maintenance, Engineering, Finance, Quality), can benefit from learning and applying the tools sets of Lean Six Sigma.

An Implementation Plan can be developed in short term to accommodate

 any Continuous Improvement Strategy.